Directions to Carnival Hall from the A339 (Newbury)

When you get to Basingstoke on the A339, you will first come accross a small roundabout, go straight onto the dual carriageway.

At the next roundabout, take the 1st exit (straight) and stay in 2nd lane onto the dual carriageway. (2nd map starts here).

Keep going until you reach the next roundabout with traffic lights. Stay in right hand lane and take the 3rd exit (right).

At the end of the dual carriageway (approx 2 miles), stay in right lane and take the 3rd exit towards town centre.

On the single road, take the 3rd left exit into Southern Road. You will go past a Land Rover garage and a church on your right. As soon as you pass the church, take a left and and left again immediately onto Council Road.

The Carnival hall is at the end of the road on your right.